Growing Pains
documentary | 32 min | 2023
A tale of social dynamics, performance and care – in a setting we all know, but rarely get to see.

director mikkel kruse
writer astrid plesner/mikkel kruse
producer sofie bergstein
cinematography emil aagaard
editing laura østerud
sound design mads hølmer
composer josefine skov
production design anders toft / ronja hage tange

For a day we follow a group of children in a kindergarten through their ever-changing and eventful reality. It’s a world full of overwhelming impressions and fledgling group dynamics, where the next big drama seems like it could strike at any moment. Suddenly the children’s free play is obstructed by a series of dry tests, which become an encounter with the reality that soon awaits them.

GROWING PAINS is a documentary comedy about the testing culture in our institutions, which gives a unique insight into a secret world that we rarely get access to. Watch trailer.